Saturday, June 27, 2009

Apollocon 2009: Introduction

Well, I've finished my first full day here at Apollocon. It's being held up at the Doubletree near Intercontinental Airport, a fair drive for me (about 50 minutes or so). I have a main goal for this convention: to attend the writer's workshop and receive some feedback on my new WIP, a steampunk mystery thing. (I'm not really sure what it's all going to be yet.)

Also, I hope to make some contacts and just enjoy the con.

Here is a list of the panels I plan on attending (some I already did).
  • Raiders of the Lost Maguffin
  • Does Fantasy Have to be Epic?
  • Special guest: Astronaut Stanley G. Love
  • Anachrohnism Mash-up: Steampunk, Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica
  • Then and Now -- How SF has Changed (moderated by Bill Crider)
  • Batman Turns 70
I'll provide write-ups on all the panels as well as the results of the writing workshop here at SF Safari.



  1. I await with anticipation your experiences.

  2. I'll be going to Babel Con in another few weeks. I love a good con.

  3. Barbara - (didn't get around to answering my blog comments until today.) I've started and I'll be spotlighting all the panels I attended and the writer's workshop.

    Charles - Wow. Peter David will be there. Very cool. Perhaps, in the future, I'll attend Babelcon as well. Next for me--although not this year--will be Armadillocon in Austin.